~ Valentine’s Day

So for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make plans for my past boyfriend.  And he wanted to make plans for me.  This was five years ago; it came out on a Sunday.  We would both take the Monday off, so we made it a Sunday and a Monday thing.  Why not a Saturday – Sunday thing.  Because we wanted it to be meaningful and figured whatever we wanted to do would be among crowds, so why not take a day off work?

OK, OK what to do, what to do.  We didn’t want to do anything cliché, that would be um, so cliché.  So that dinner thing, well, it would have to be better than that.  Here is how the two days went.  Saturday was my day.  I made my guy breakfast in the morning after we slept in.  That was normal.  But I made it a champagne breakfast.  Almost didn’t because I thought it might be cliché, but we had never done it, so I figured OK.  He liked it.  Then we had um, you know and we did some good stuff.  Not once but twice.  Usually, I am OK with one, and one only, but after a bit, it was two.  That was new.  Then for an early dinner, I drove him blindfolded out of the city to a wine-country restaurant he said he wanted to go visit for a long time.  It was nearly an hour away.  And he hated the blindfold, but I let him um, in the car.  We had never ever done that.  And by the way, I don’t recommend it.  In fact it was stupid, actually as at one point I nearly ran off the road.  So you youngsters don’t try this at home.  Or in your car.  Dinner was great, we ate in a Chinese place, his favorite food.  Not mine, but one sacrifices for love, right?  And after that we drove home for a night of happiness.

Sunday, his day.  We showered together, that was nice.  Then he had a caterer come and make breakfast, wow.  It was nice.  Yummy.  All the stuff I like.  Then he told me to put on hiking clothes, and bring my bathing suit.  He took me to the mountains, about two hours away.  Luckily, he didn’t make me wear a blindfold, lol.  He knew I liked hiking and he didn’t much but he went with me as we hiked through some great state park areas.  Big trees, a nice little river, some climbing.  We went swimming in the river and ate lunch by the stream sitting on a rock.  It was nice.

Then we headed back home, and on the ay, stopped at the worst dive I had ever seen, for dinner.  Certainly not cliché, lol.  So all in all, it was a nice fun and romantic couple days.

Some of my friends don’t do the Valentine’s Day thing aside from taking advantage of the comraderie and alocohol that goes with it at the clubs.  And the drag shows, and the dancing.  They go for the fun but they don’t do the romantic things around the fun offered by the clubs.  And that’s OK.  Get your pleasure when you can and at whatever speed you want.  Guys, if you want to meet someone before V Day, you can do it very easily, even in one night, by using any of the free gay dating websites we reviewed here.  A good one is GayCupid.com.  If you will be alone on Saturday and you want someone to be with, get going on the site tonight, and in no time Cupid’s arrow will hit the two of you and you will find love.  Good luck.

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