~ Tijuana

One good thing about living in California is that it borders Mexico.  And in Mexico a lot of wild stuff can happen.  I wasn’t sure I would tell this story because I have to finesse what happened because I cannot be explicit here, but I will because it was a crazy thing.

My buddy John and I were looking to do something interesting for a weekend and we decided on going to Mexico.  Tijuana.  We had heard it was wild there so we figured let’s find out if the gay scene was as nutty as people said.  We already knew about the straight scene.  That was legend.  Also, there is a Naval Base in San Diego and lots of guys, including yes, some gay men, hit TJ on the weekends.  Just for the record, John and I were only friends, not lovers.

We planned for a Friday night returning Sunday morning thing, staying at a Holiday Inn Express near downtown.  John found out about some strip bars where he was told things got pretty wild and so we were pretty excited to check that all out.  We left LA at about 4 PM and hit traffic, big shock, almost immediately.  What would normally take 2 hours or so, took nearly 4.  Yuk.  But neither of us could leave any earlier.  After arriving, we had a quick dinner and then went out.  Our plan was to hit a classy place first and then a nasty place, and do that two nights in a row.  I absolutely remember the places and the names but I was told that I cannot give you the names here.  But you can just google the topic and you will be able to find the names.

I won’t tell you about the classy place, you don’t want to hear about that, lol.  The first wild strip bar we hit was mild not wild.  We were told it was too early in the evening and that after midnight it would start going nuts.  So we left and hit the next place, and that was better, but not wild nutty.  We figured we would have to wait till midnight no matter where we went.  So we walked around a bit taking in the sights, even being witness to an accident on Revolution Avenue.  Lots of yelling, lol.

At 12 midnight exactly we went back to that first nasty bar.  And yes indeed it was crazy.  I am told this doesn’t go on anymore, but if you wanted to touch the dancers you could and you could even well, really touch them.  It was wild.  John actually got on the stage himself and took his all clothes off and got groped all over.  And he wasn’t drunk, lol.  I couldn’t believe it.  And he um, well, um.  Other guys did that too.  The dancers were mostly Americans by the way and that was interesting.  They were down-to-earth as well as super nasty, lol.  One guy in particular was off the charts crazy.  And he was a bear.  Huge, hairy man with a very nice beard and damn he was hairy, lol.

We took it easy the next night because we had enough lunacy the night before.  Especially John.  I wish I was allowed to take pics but no way.  Anyway, because of the craziest dancer, the bear, I am mentioning the great site we have reviewed here, GayBearDating.com.  Go check it out and find your own bear dancer, lol.

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