~ The state I’m in

~ The state I’m in

There was a recent study done about the most used words that people use on their dating profile per state.  And I don’t mean regular words, I mean words of consequence.  And it was very interesting.  Some of it made sense, well a lot of it did, and some of it was funny.  The profiles used were for straight and gay and different niches, ethnicities, etc.

Here is a bit of the breakdown.  New England states’ profiles liked things having to do with water and watersports and woods.  Maine was woods.  All of that makes sense except Vermont had kayak as the word with the most frequency. OK, I guess they like that enough over there, lol.  Alabama Georgia liked grilling, lol.  Get that BBQ going.  Ohio and Michigan, bonfires.  Huh?  What the hell are they doing over there?  Kentucky had basketball.  Makes sense.  A couple mountain states and a couple southern states liked hunting.  Now for those of you who think hunting wouldn’t be on any gay profiles, hold on now.  I know of at least two gay guys I have met who were hunters.  I myself wouldn’t want to even handle a gun let alone point it an anything and shoot it.  But hey, it’s because I am a city guy, not because I am wimpy in any way.

Indiana, NASCAR.  Yep.  Four breadbasket states, farming.  Indiana, neighborhood.  Huh?  I thought it would be basketball.  Neighborhood?  Tennessee, porch.  Porch?  What?  Are the good dating folks of the Volunteer State all in their 80’s and sitting on the porch on their rocking chairs reminiscing about how things used to be in the olden days?  Colorado, snowboarding.  Not skiing?  I guess they might have hit more younger people there.  Texas and Oklahoma, oil.  Now I figure it means people talking about being in the oil industry, but all the other state’s words are recreational.  I guess they take that oil seriously over there.  Nevada, casino.  Could be both work and the desire to part with money.  Hiking in Arizona and Washington State.  New Mexico and California, the desert.  New Mexico has some beautiful mountains, I think more amazing then the desert areas, but hell, it’s their state, whatever they like.  And Cali?  The ocean, mountains, all kinds of stuff.  Oh well.

So what’s the point of this?  No point, really.  I thought it was interesting.  And now after you guys (and gals, because I know some do) read this, you will probably purposely stay away from those words just because I used them here, lol.  Hey, just make a good profile and if you want to use zoo in Missouri, (zoo?), go for it.  It’s your profile.  Just make a good one.  And put it on GayBearDating.com.  Then meet a guy and hit downtown – South Carolina.

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