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Hey, there are lots of ways to find someone gay to date, none easier really than on gay dating sites.  But there are other ways too, although one must be careful today.  I remember years ago when I was in college I had an assignment to do with my bio course.  We were able to choose from a bunch of topics about which to write and because of my sexuality I decided to write about Gay Attraction – By Birth or By Choice.  I won’t get into what I wrote, that is not relevant to this story, although my passion with the topic had me work hard and I did get an A.  What was a good byproduct of the assignment was my using the library to do research and what happened there.

I had made an outline on how I wanted to approach my topic and so I knew the direction, scholarly place to scholarly place I wanted to go.  My first destination was the computer to look for sources, and then the stacks for those super fancy scholarly references.  It was my first time upstairs at the stacks and I needed help in finding things.  There was a guy named Pete who was the library tech (they called him a tech, go figure) and who approached me as I stood in the doorway looking at the colonnades of books both in awe and fear.  Pete looked like your average college kid, like me.  He was thin, about 5’ 10”, with brown curly hair and eyes, and he was wearing black jeans and a button down dark blue shirt.  I thought, nice getup.

Pete said, “I can tell you are overwhelmed.  Can I help in any way?”  I replied, “You could tell?”  He said, “Your confusion is written all over your face.”  We both chuckled and he told me the first time he went into the stacks area he was terrified.  It was his job to be all over that place and know eventually where everything was and he was worried he wouldn’t be able to do it.  But he became an expert and in not too long a time period.  Now as a senior he knew where every book and journal lurked on the shelves

I explained to Pete what I needed to do and he said, “Hmm, very interesting.”  I asked him why and he said, “I have a particular interest in your assignment.”  So it was easy to see he was like me.  And that helped.  Because we had the same life experiences and passions and because he was the perfect guy in the perfect place who knew exactly what I would need to complete my assignment.  I couldn’t have been luckier.  Pete looked at my outline, made a couple suggestions and then because there was no one else who needed him, took me from bookshelf to bookshelf to get everything I needed.  It was great!

I had all I needed and proceeded to get to work with my task, but before Pete walked away, I asked him if I could reward him in some way for all his help.  He said, “I thought you’d never ask.”  Anyway, Pete and I got together and we dated on and off through the semester, his last.  I don’t know where he is now but the memories are great.  Hey, if you want to find a nice guy for fun and/or more and you don’t want to spend hours in a library looking for him, lol, go here – GayDating.com.  Enjoy!

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