~ Oscar and the fight

Yes, I was at an Oscar party, or an Academy Awards party, whatever you want to call it.    I am not going to talk about the winners and losers or who wore what or who came with who, or what musical numbers were better than others.  There are a zillion opinions and damn, some of those here could not shut the f*** up from the red carpet all through to the end of the show.  I hate that!  Unless I am the one who is doing the talking, because, after all, I have the most correct opinion, right?

I will say that I thought Neil Patrick Harris did a pretty good job as host, he always does that well, but at times to me, he seemed reserved.  Having him get caught and come out in his jockeys, at least to me was stupid.  Reminded me of when Anne Hathaway and James Franco cross-dressed on the 2011 Oscars.  Just plain dumb.  Was I the only one who felt that?  And the case in the box thing fell flat after all the during-the-show hoopla.  And to this day, I still hate that Lego Movie song, Everything Is Awesome.  Right, except for that song.  I didn’t see The Lego Movie so I can’t say whether or not it was awesome.  I had to say this because I so hate that song, and the lyrics are so silly and easy.  Sigh.  Some surprises and some no surprises at the awards, but enough of this.

As the show went on and on and on, as it always does, an argument ensued.  Not because of what was on the TV, but just some nonsense.  And oh, I was at my friend, Carol’s place.  She and her roommate have these parties each year and sometimes there is a theme.  This year it was whatever you wanted or nothing at all.  When she told me nothing at all, I asked if that meant I could come naked, but she said, um no.

So to the argument.  It actually started a little before the show began when this couple got into it a bit.  And it started up again, halfway through.  And it got really bad at the show’s end.  Really bad.  I didn’t know either of them but they were bf ad gf and both showed up as Gustave from the The Grand Budapest Hotel (a movie I really liked a lot by the way).  Well, they were mad at each other for that, wearing the same thing.  I think one of them was supposed to be another character although I wasn’t sure if was the bf or gf and who the character was, lol.  It was a he said, she said thing.  But truly, I think there was a lot more to it.  That seemed too much of a silly issue.  There was a lot more going on.  He arrived before she did, which was already a problem, because she said she was supposed to be picked up.  Then they started yelling at each other.  It stopped when Carol warned them.  But they started up again.  And they took it outside but we still heard them fight.  Then at the end wow, really bad yelling.  Something more going on there.  And how rude!  Straight people, sheesh.

So why did I tell you this??  I don’t know.  Maybe it was because I was happy I was not them or in a relationship like theirs.  Look, gay couples fight too, but I don’t think when we do we are as rude as that straight couple.  And hey, if you are looking for someone, and hopefully a someone with whom you won’t fight, join GayBearDating.com.  You will find your love there.  Be happy and don’t fight!

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