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So this is a crazy story.  I wasn’t there unfortunately or fortunately, I’m not sure what to think about it, but I heard it was wild.  This leather bear who is a regular at one of the clubs I frequent was there last Friday night and he was enjoying himself as were others and they got to talking and boasting about 3-somes and 4-somes and more-somes, lol.  More people got into the chat and they were carrying on and were saying how they wanted to do it or they had done it.  Well, you know what’s next, right?  They all go to leather boy’s place and get it on.  I was told this story by one of the guys there – he says he only watched, yeah right.

So here is what happened.  It started with the leather dude and four other guys who went with him to his place.  He has a big apartment not too far from the club.  They all start getting it on and also call other guys.  Within an hour there were 11 guys there!  I wasn’t sure if I could believe that but the guy who told me the story insisted.  He went into detail as to what went on.

Arms and legs and other things were flying all over the place.  The first five guys started slow apparently.  More drinks, more bravado, dares, and finally clothes coming off and guys getting it on.  One of the guys was a Master and he called his slave up to come over.  Also, when he said he had a slave, two of the other guys said they wanted to be his slaves too and so the Master whipped them with his belt.  That went on for a while as the two new slaves tried doing what the Master told them to so.  Some of it was pretty crazy stuff.  Not just pain, but also humiliation.  Of course while all that went on, leather man was doing his thing with not leather man, lol.  Then more people showed up.  And well, they all got into it as well.

There was this one point where they had a chain of sorts, seven guys all on each other.  And they made a ring according to the story teller.  On the floor, all kinds of connections and in a ring.  Wow!  They did that on purpose.  One guy said hey, “Let’s do this,” and they did.  There were tops and bottoms and those versatile enough to be um, versatile, lol.  Safe sex was practiced.  Oh, when the slave arrived he was dressed up like that gimp in that movie Pulp Fiction, ball gag and all.  The Master then started ordering him around and he was the toy for nearly everyone there.  The craziness started at about 10 PM and went on all night.  And get this.  Someone in the building called the cops because of all the noise.  I am sure it sounded like some kind of riot in there, lol.  When the cops came at about 2 AM, leather guy hushed everyone, and talked to the cops and he was able to convince the cops to leave without making any trouble.  But they had to tone down the noise.  The stereo and TV (showing porn) had their volumes turned down.  And the revelry continued.  What a night!  Who knows what I would have done had I been there.

Lok, you don’t have to get it on like that with multiple partners, unless you want to, of course.  It’s your life and your choice.  But you can at least find one guy, one special guy.  For a casual hookup thing or a long-term thing.  Just find someone, so you can enjoy life a little.  Or a lot.  Get your own leather bear.  And you can find him and he can find you here – GayBearDating.com.

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