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There are a ton of restaurants here in Southern California.  All kinds of food, cuisines from all over the world, and you can even find fast food like this.  If you are from here or have been here you know that.  And if you are coming, you will.  I am not a fan of all the kinds of food, although many people are.  I like the usual American stuff, and Italian, Mexican, Chilean and Greek.  And speaking of Greek, I want to tell you about meeting this guy at a Greek restaurant, he was a waiter there.  His name was Larry.

A couple months back I was with my sister downtown and we were hungry.  It was about 2:30 PM and we decided to go into this Greek place that looked nice.  It was a brick front with someone standing outside next to a whiteboard with a menu on it.  I liked that the board had this neat design on it along with the restaurant name and the day’s special.  It was a grilled chicken gyro stuffed with all kinds of yummy things.  The waiter was about my age and we both knew right away, that the two of us were gay.  And we flirted of course.  My sister was like, “Damn, can you give it a rest even for an hour?  Put that thing back in your holster!”

My sister also ordered a gyro pita sandwich, and we were messing with the word “gyro” while we were talking.  Gyro this and gyro that, and we were laughing a lot.  Hey, that kind of thing happens.  The funny thing is the waiter got into it too.  And he told the two other waiters what we were doing and pretty soon everyone was saying “gyro” with their sentences.  Some other patrons got into it too!  After a bit everyone was laughing, well, almost.  A couple at one table near us were not too thrilled.  Big deal.  But we toned it down.

After we finished eatring and the waiter brought us the check, he asked me if I lived in town or was visiting.  I said I lived here.  So he said, “I like you, you’re fun and funny.  And I think we are of the same persuasion.”  And he added, “If you are not, do you think I could persuade you?”  We laughed and I gave him my number.  And guess what?  He never called!  LOL!  And we had such a good time in the restaurant.  Sheesh!  I thought of going back to the restaurant but hey, he came on to me mostly and asked for my number which I gave him and he didn’t call.  So fuggetaboutit.  And the gyros weren’t all that tasty anyway, ha.

What did I do?  Well, I just went onto GayBearDating.com and I found several guys who could help me forget Larry the unreliable gyro waiter guy.  I chose two and they chose me.  And get this, we made it a 3-some.  My first.  It was great and I never would have had that happen had I not been incentivized by a guy who didn’t come through when push came to shove.  Go figure.  Larry who?

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