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This week on a dare I went into a gay fetish shop.  Most of you know what that is, but for those who don’t it’s like your typical bondage or fetish store for straight people or all people but in this case it’s for gay men and women.  So why did I go in?  I was dared to try out some of the stuff there and I actually thought it was a good idea because it gave me a chance to talk to the guys who worked there to ask them about their clientele and whatever.  I like talking to people as you may know and I like telling their stories, not just mine.

After messing around with some of the paraphernalia and outfits, rubber and not, spiked and not, lol, and that took a while by the way.  I asked the two guys there if I could talk to them about what goes on in that kind of shop.  I had entered regular places like that before, but not gay.  Never had an interest really, and I never cared at that time to know anything.  But being inside and having a fun time I thought why not get some info on what happens there.  I am glad I asked.

The two guys were outfitted in some of the stuff there or they looked it, let’s say.  One guy was tattooed all over, another not.  They looked in their 20’s and 30’s.  One was a black guy and the other white, the tattooed one, and both were cute and in good shape, and the younger guy who was the white one, told me he was straight.  Anyway, I got to asking them about their job and the people who come into the place.

The older guy who had been there longer told me that many times when people come in and they want something, they get too specific, too detailed, give a whole history as to why they want something, and he said, “We are not bartenders or psychologists, just tell us what you want and we will get it for you if we have it.”  Also sometimes the shoppers get too graphic.  They both felt that just because it’s a fetish place doesn’t mean they need to know every bodily function detail regarding someone’s play.  Yich!  Others are just the opposite.  They are so nervous they are in a place like that, they can’t just spit it out.  “Yeah, like what the f*** do you want???”  Sometimes people meet there for the first time, like a dating place meet.  Seems like a good ice-breaker.  🙂

The younger guy said he wished he had a buck for every guy who came in and said he wasn’t gay, he was just getting something for someone who was, and you bloody well know he is gay, lol.  They liked the regulars, guys who would stop in every so often, who they knew by name and who they liked, shopped for their stuff, usually lube or condoms, etc.  they also laughed when they talked about the guys and gals who purchased outfit things for themselves that they could never fit into even if they used oil and a huge shoehorn to try and get into them, lol.  The one thing that surprised me but I guess shouldn’t have was them telling me about guys who come in and just whip it out to try and see if something will fit with them, their size, and even ask for advice while it’s dangling there or they are holding it.  The older guy said, “Hey just because this is a fetish shop doesn’t mean you can just pull out your junk and have me size it for you!”

So there you have it.  You don’t have to go to a gay fetish shop to meet someone, unless you want to of course.  You can just join one of our free dating sites we have reviewed here – GayBoyz.com and then go to a gay fetish shop!  Have fun!

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