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I took a trip to Europe a number of years ago, by myself.  I had come off a bad breakup and so I decided I needed a bit of time to get back to some kind of sanity.  I had 2 weeks vacation time I could take and so, I just picked up and went to 4 places in Europe for 1.5 weeks.  I did get a pretty good deal for an only 2-week notice kind of thing.  I won’t get too much into the travel part of it or the sightseeing part either, although many places I saw and toured were absolutely spectacular.  The trip was for me to recharge my batteries and I also decided I was going to enjoy myself in any way I could.  I had been in what I thought was kind of a strangling relationship for too long and I wanted to get as many men as I wanted.  I know that might sound nasty, but hey, my guy and I were supposed to be in an open thing anyway.  I wasn’t all the while suspecting he was, lol.  So now it was my time to play.  With whoever and whenever and however and any other evers.  🙂

So my planning included aggressively using GayBearDating.com to find my European partners on my trip.  And I mean guys in the sites I would visit and bed down.  Emphasis on bed down.  My stays were in London, Paris, Venice, Barcelona and Lisbon, and in that order.  So I looked for guys in and around those metropolitan areas.  It was very easy to find guys there.  But just because I found them doesn’t mean I would want to be with them.  I still wanted some kind of connection even though this was to be a fun, and get some, time in Western Europe.  And it is always good to be cautious to make sure you will be with a stable OK guy.  I don’t want to be with a psycho even for an hour.  Who would?  So even though there really wasn’t that much time to make these kinds of plans, and also the men on the other side of my inquiries had lives too, I did my best.  And because the site is great, it really wasn’t all that hard to find exactly what I wanted in each of those cities.

There was no guarantee of sex or intimacy but I did make it clear that if things worked out for the one day and or night I had with each guy that if it was mutually OK then we would mutually play.  🙂  Rather than give you names of the men I met, I will refer to them by their cities.  Seems to make sense, lol.  OK.  London was so-so.  Both the city and the guy, lol.  It rained the whole time I was there, stopping as I left, lol.  And the guy London was nice and cute and all that.  But because of my tour bus breaking down, I couldn’t meet him when I was supposed to.  We did meet to get a drink at a pub, but that was just for an hour or so.  Not enough to do any more.  He was a great guy and I hope one day to meet him again.  But no play.  Aside from that, I have great news.  Paris was super hot and horny and wild.  Venice was not as crazy in bed, but he was just fine, in fact perfect after Paris.  Barcelona was a bit self-centered, so high on himself, but hey his body was perfect and he did it all.  Lisbon was a great way to end the trip, being so kind and giving the whole night.

Hey, you don’t have to use GayBearDating.com only for travel to Western Europe, lol, you can find your gay lovers and friends nearby.  Join and see.

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