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I went to my first Halloween in West Hollywood ten years ago.  It was a wild experience.  I am trying to remember if it was called a Carnival at that time.  We just knew it as Halloween in West Hollywood.  I was told after it was over that there were nearly 400,000 people there.  Now the festival gets over 500,000 each year.  I try to go each year if I can, because it’s a blast and all my buddies go.  First we get some dinner and then we just walk around, that is if we don’t hit a club.  We used to dress up, at least a few of us, and that was fun.  We would always try to be topical to the times.  It was just before the 2004 presidential election and there were loads of real and fake politicians there.  Bush, Kerry, others.  Martha Stewart went to jail but not before lots of her were parading down Santa Monica Boulevard.  A few Phil Spectors.  Lots of Scott Petersons.  There were also actors, famous bands and famous DJ’s and food and lots of families too.  That kind of surprised me a bit.  To see so many families and with little kids.  Not that there is anything wrong with anyone coming even though many outfits were very risqué.  But it was so crowded, I would be worried I would lose a kid if I had any and brought them.

Anyway,  the best thing about that 2004 Carnaval was that I met a great guy in the restaurant when me and my buddies were having dinner.  He was sitting at the table next to mine with his buddies and our chairs were so close we just started chatting.  We had a great conversation.  My friends and his didn’t mind that we were talking seemingly being rude with the rest of them because we were both single, between boyfriends, and they found what was going on pretty exciting actually.

His name was Calvin.  Yes like in Calvin Klein but he was not the Calvin Klein, lol.  But get this, he had on a Calvin Klein shirt.  🙂  We agreed to all walk down the street together, none of us were going to dress up that year and parade around in any way.  So after dinner, and it was a good dinner, I had a great steak, we all headed out to make the obligatory pretty much stroll through the throng from one end of the Carnaval to the other.  It was great.  Cal and I, he asked me to call him Cal, really got along well.  At the end of night when we decided at least for all of us, it was over and we were going to our respective homes to get some well-deserved sleep, Cal and I traded phone numbers.

We dated for a few months and then Cal moved out of town.  Oh well.  It was fun, nothing ever got serious, but it was fun.  We did stay in contact and I actually saw him a few weeks ago when he was visiting some friends.  He has a great partner he said and I was happy for him.  Good guy, I am glad he is happy.  You can be happy too, or happier, if you are already happy, by joining GayBearDating.com.  Have fun!

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