~ Alabama, it figures, for now

Last month, United States District Court Judge of Alabama’s Southern District, Callie V. S. Grenade, a George W. Bush appointee, declared prohibitions against same-sex marriage unconstitutional, and licenses were to start being issued February 9th.  Defying the District Court Judge and common sense, on the 8th, Alabama’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore ordered Alabama’s probate judges not to issue marriage licenses to gay couples who were awaiting licenses and expecting to marry.  Most of the state’s counties refused to issue licenses, but 20 out of the 67 did so.  Alabama is the country’s 37th US state that legalized gay marriage.

Look, I could go into Roy Moore’s history as a bible-thumping Neanderthal, which he is, and I could pontificate here how he is so behind the times, but to what end?  We know and are confident that the federal judiciary trumps the state judiciary and that “state’s rights” advocates like Moore will eventually fail.  Nearly one third of the Alabama’s counties defied him.  And he is reminding many of former Alabama governor George Wallace and his blocking the door to a public school trying to stop desegregation in the 60’s.  That didn’t work then and Moore’s nonsense won’t now.  By the way, to his credit, Wallace changed and actually became a positive advocate for civil rights for blacks.  I don’t see Moore seeing the light anytime soon.

Last week on Monday the 9th, the US Supreme Court refused to grant a request from Alabama’s Republican attorney general to keep same-sex weddings on hold until that court rules later this year whether laws banning gay marriage violate the US Constitution.  So on Thursday, Judge Grenade ordered Mobile County Probate Court Judge Don Davis to issue marriage licenses.  Davis’ attorney said the probate judge wanted guidance being there were conflicting orders.  He got it.  Within an hour of the order, licenses were being issued.  The other counties’ probate judges will eventually cave whether they are ordered to do so or not.  And the ruling from the US Supreme Court is expected to cement that laws banning gay marriage are unconstitutional.

For those of us in the great (?) State of Alabama, you will get your licenses.  Till you do, if you don’t already have a significant other, if you want one, go find one.  Whether it is for a short-term fling, or a long-term thing, it is no one’s business but your own.  We encourage you to find your love, or even your “like.”  Here is a pretty good place to start – GayBearDating.com.  Defy those living in the past.  Make your own future.  Find your guy and love him any way you want.  Very soon we all know, all the desperate attempts to curtail our progress will stop.  Go celebrate and have fun knowing that.

~ Valentine’s Day

So for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make plans for my past boyfriend.  And he wanted to make plans for me.  This was five years ago; it came out on a Sunday.  We would both take the Monday off, so we made it a Sunday and a Monday thing.  Why not a Saturday – Sunday thing.  Because we wanted it to be meaningful and figured whatever we wanted to do would be among crowds, so why not take a day off work?

OK, OK what to do, what to do.  We didn’t want to do anything cliché, that would be um, so cliché.  So that dinner thing, well, it would have to be better than that.  Here is how the two days went.  Saturday was my day.  I made my guy breakfast in the morning after we slept in.  That was normal.  But I made it a champagne breakfast.  Almost didn’t because I thought it might be cliché, but we had never done it, so I figured OK.  He liked it.  Then we had um, you know and we did some good stuff.  Not once but twice.  Usually, I am OK with one, and one only, but after a bit, it was two.  That was new.  Then for an early dinner, I drove him blindfolded out of the city to a wine-country restaurant he said he wanted to go visit for a long time.  It was nearly an hour away.  And he hated the blindfold, but I let him um, in the car.  We had never ever done that.  And by the way, I don’t recommend it.  In fact it was stupid, actually as at one point I nearly ran off the road.  So you youngsters don’t try this at home.  Or in your car.  Dinner was great, we ate in a Chinese place, his favorite food.  Not mine, but one sacrifices for love, right?  And after that we drove home for a night of happiness.

Sunday, his day.  We showered together, that was nice.  Then he had a caterer come and make breakfast, wow.  It was nice.  Yummy.  All the stuff I like.  Then he told me to put on hiking clothes, and bring my bathing suit.  He took me to the mountains, about two hours away.  Luckily, he didn’t make me wear a blindfold, lol.  He knew I liked hiking and he didn’t much but he went with me as we hiked through some great state park areas.  Big trees, a nice little river, some climbing.  We went swimming in the river and ate lunch by the stream sitting on a rock.  It was nice.

Then we headed back home, and on the ay, stopped at the worst dive I had ever seen, for dinner.  Certainly not cliché, lol.  So all in all, it was a nice fun and romantic couple days.

Some of my friends don’t do the Valentine’s Day thing aside from taking advantage of the comraderie and alocohol that goes with it at the clubs.  And the drag shows, and the dancing.  They go for the fun but they don’t do the romantic things around the fun offered by the clubs.  And that’s OK.  Get your pleasure when you can and at whatever speed you want.  Guys, if you want to meet someone before V Day, you can do it very easily, even in one night, by using any of the free gay dating websites we reviewed here.  A good one is GayBearDating.com.  If you will be alone on Saturday and you want someone to be with, get going on the site tonight, and in no time Cupid’s arrow will hit the two of you and you will find love.  Good luck.

~ Ready! Set! Action!

Last year, I was invited to a gay porn shoot.  A porn movie director I met at a party asked me if I wanted to watch a film being made.  It took me all of two seconds, one actually, to say, damn yes!  I mean who wouldn’t want to see that.  I think a lot of people have that fantasy.  Straight or gay to watch their kind of preferred action.  So I was given all the particulars on when and where and the very next day, a Saturday, I went to the shoot.  The shoot, lol.  Look at me I am a Hollywood dude.  Well, this was not in Hollywood, but it wasn’t very far away from there.

The filming took place in some old building, nondescript, no studio type thing.  I was shown around by an assistant after I arrived.  Hey, look at me, I’m a VIP!  The guy had a couple offices in his suite and 3 rooms for the action.  One very big room, that had lots of equipment on one side and tables, desks and outfits on the other.  The desks and tables were for food, makeup, the outfits were for men and women; it was obvious the place was used for straight and gay porn.  Another side was for the director and those working and watching.  The last side had a big window with a curtain and a backdrop in front.  There was a big area in the middle that I could see was used for a set.  The two other rooms were smaller sets.  There was a big bed in one, and a Jacuzzi and bathtub/shower in the other.  Nice.

I have seen lots of porn, who hasn’t, well many haven’t but I have.  I was thinking I might recognize a couple guys, but nope.  No one there I knew from anywhere.  And that was OK.  Maybe even better than OK.  I like amateur stuff more than regular glitzy things.  And these guys were amateurs.  The director asked me to sit with him at his desk in the main office when he was interviewing the actors.  He wanted me to see all the aspects of the movie-making, not just the action in the movie.  I was glad; I wanted to see that too.  He had these four guys, two for one movie and two for another, two movies to be made that day.  They looked in their early 20’s, signed release forms, and he covered how much they would make for the different things they would be willing to do.  Needless to say, the more you did, the more you got.  All went for the max, and they were excited to get going.  One guy was someone who had been there before.  He was like to the other guy, don’t worry, I will show you.  There was no nervousness that I could see.  All four guys then took showers in a bathroom off the main office, and when they were ready they came to the main set in bathrobes.

The movie started with two of the guys on the main set.  The film for this shoot I was told was entitled, Blown Bone Zone, lol.  It was about two soldiers, but who cares about the plot.  It took three hours to do this film, to be a 60 minute movie or video.  It was like 98% porn and 2% plot, lol.  But that was fine by me.  I didn’t stay for the second shoot.

I can’t guarantee you will be invited to a porn shoot when you join any one of the sites we review here, lol.  But I can tell you, if you choose your partner wisely, you will be as excited as the guys I saw in that movie.  And then you can make your own movies if you want.  J  Here is a good place to start your ‘acting’ career: GayBearDating.com.  Have fun!

~ The stacks

Hey, there are lots of ways to find someone gay to date, none easier really than on gay dating sites.  But there are other ways too, although one must be careful today.  I remember years ago when I was in college I had an assignment to do with my bio course.  We were able to choose from a bunch of topics about which to write and because of my sexuality I decided to write about Gay Attraction – By Birth or By Choice.  I won’t get into what I wrote, that is not relevant to this story, although my passion with the topic had me work hard and I did get an A.  What was a good byproduct of the assignment was my using the library to do research and what happened there.

I had made an outline on how I wanted to approach my topic and so I knew the direction, scholarly place to scholarly place I wanted to go.  My first destination was the computer to look for sources, and then the stacks for those super fancy scholarly references.  It was my first time upstairs at the stacks and I needed help in finding things.  There was a guy named Pete who was the library tech (they called him a tech, go figure) and who approached me as I stood in the doorway looking at the colonnades of books both in awe and fear.  Pete looked like your average college kid, like me.  He was thin, about 5’ 10”, with brown curly hair and eyes, and he was wearing black jeans and a button down dark blue shirt.  I thought, nice getup.

Pete said, “I can tell you are overwhelmed.  Can I help in any way?”  I replied, “You could tell?”  He said, “Your confusion is written all over your face.”  We both chuckled and he told me the first time he went into the stacks area he was terrified.  It was his job to be all over that place and know eventually where everything was and he was worried he wouldn’t be able to do it.  But he became an expert and in not too long a time period.  Now as a senior he knew where every book and journal lurked on the shelves

I explained to Pete what I needed to do and he said, “Hmm, very interesting.”  I asked him why and he said, “I have a particular interest in your assignment.”  So it was easy to see he was like me.  And that helped.  Because we had the same life experiences and passions and because he was the perfect guy in the perfect place who knew exactly what I would need to complete my assignment.  I couldn’t have been luckier.  Pete looked at my outline, made a couple suggestions and then because there was no one else who needed him, took me from bookshelf to bookshelf to get everything I needed.  It was great!

I had all I needed and proceeded to get to work with my task, but before Pete walked away, I asked him if I could reward him in some way for all his help.  He said, “I thought you’d never ask.”  Anyway, Pete and I got together and we dated on and off through the semester, his last.  I don’t know where he is now but the memories are great.  Hey, if you want to find a nice guy for fun and/or more and you don’t want to spend hours in a library looking for him, lol, go here – GayBearDating.com.  Enjoy!

~ Gay fetish shop

This week on a dare I went into a gay fetish shop.  Most of you know what that is, but for those who don’t it’s like your typical bondage or fetish store for straight people or all people but in this case it’s for gay men and women.  So why did I go in?  I was dared to try out some of the stuff there and I actually thought it was a good idea because it gave me a chance to talk to the guys who worked there to ask them about their clientele and whatever.  I like talking to people as you may know and I like telling their stories, not just mine.

After messing around with some of the paraphernalia and outfits, rubber and not, spiked and not, lol, and that took a while by the way.  I asked the two guys there if I could talk to them about what goes on in that kind of shop.  I had entered regular places like that before, but not gay.  Never had an interest really, and I never cared at that time to know anything.  But being inside and having a fun time I thought why not get some info on what happens there.  I am glad I asked.

The two guys were outfitted in some of the stuff there or they looked it, let’s say.  One guy was tattooed all over, another not.  They looked in their 20’s and 30’s.  One was a black guy and the other white, the tattooed one, and both were cute and in good shape, and the younger guy who was the white one, told me he was straight.  Anyway, I got to asking them about their job and the people who come into the place.

The older guy who had been there longer told me that many times when people come in and they want something, they get too specific, too detailed, give a whole history as to why they want something, and he said, “We are not bartenders or psychologists, just tell us what you want and we will get it for you if we have it.”  Also sometimes the shoppers get too graphic.  They both felt that just because it’s a fetish place doesn’t mean they need to know every bodily function detail regarding someone’s play.  Yich!  Others are just the opposite.  They are so nervous they are in a place like that, they can’t just spit it out.  “Yeah, like what the f*** do you want???”  Sometimes people meet there for the first time, like a dating place meet.  Seems like a good ice-breaker.  🙂

The younger guy said he wished he had a buck for every guy who came in and said he wasn’t gay, he was just getting something for someone who was, and you bloody well know he is gay, lol.  They liked the regulars, guys who would stop in every so often, who they knew by name and who they liked, shopped for their stuff, usually lube or condoms, etc.  they also laughed when they talked about the guys and gals who purchased outfit things for themselves that they could never fit into even if they used oil and a huge shoehorn to try and get into them, lol.  The one thing that surprised me but I guess shouldn’t have was them telling me about guys who come in and just whip it out to try and see if something will fit with them, their size, and even ask for advice while it’s dangling there or they are holding it.  The older guy said, “Hey just because this is a fetish shop doesn’t mean you can just pull out your junk and have me size it for you!”

So there you have it.  You don’t have to go to a gay fetish shop to meet someone, unless you want to of course.  You can just join one of our free dating sites we have reviewed here – GayBoyz.com and then go to a gay fetish shop!  Have fun!

~ It started with TV

I love TV.  I am not ashamed to say it.  I have a lot of friends who don’t watch much TV and I know of others who also don’t watch much.  It seems fashionable today for people to do something, anything, other than sitting in front of the tube and plugging in.  That’s the term my mom used when I got home from school and dumped my backpack on the dining room table and plopped down on the sofa and turned on the set.  “Hey you.  Homework first, then dinner, and if you finish both, then you can plug yourself in.”  Always loved TV.  And don’t think because I am gay that I like fashion shows or soap operas.  I will admit to watching a couple soaps in college, but now no.  I like sports and not just ice skating.  And I like dramas and comedies, the whole shebang.  (Do people still use that word, “shebang?”)

So why talk about TV?  You know those late night, 3 AM dating commercials?  I was up one night and I saw one of those and then got on the net and looked at its online site.  It wasn’t for gay people but it got me remembering.  Years back they had 900 number dating, then TV dating shows.  Shows.  Like these half-hour things.  I was invested in one of those once.  Didn’t make any money, lol.  But because I was involved with the investing in the show – not a lot, don’t think I am some big shot entertainment mogul, and because I loved TV, I was put in charge of the beta testing.  That meant seeing and using the database.  And because it was in my hands, I could have others mess with it.

So I asked a buddy to go in and check it out.  There were lots of things we needed to check, and not just the technical.  I mean yes, the technical was important, everything had to work seamlessly, but also whether the people joining were real, were happy, were using things ok, and were sticking around.  It cost people money, you know, that per minute charge, so we needed to be sure we could get and keep customers.

There was a gay and lesbian section within the database and we had that set up so that callers could access and use it.  It was not just for being fair, but also for making us money of course.  My buddy who was gay, told me after his first day messing with the system that he had made 2 dates!  Damn!  So the people were real.  The first several hundred were seeded in from other databases but we wanted to be completely independent if the thing worked and were excited it did.  This was the precursor to online dating sites, straight, gay, niche, whatever.  So next time you look at your phone, say thanks.  🙂

You can stil use a phone database if you want to, but it is so much easier to just use a dating website and we have some pretty good ones that we have reviewed and recommended.  Take a look at GayBearDating.com.  It is a pretty darn good site.  Get in there and find your guy.

~ Super Bowl super night

So for the Super Bowl, I went to one of my favorite watering holes, no pun intended, to watch the game and drown my sorrows after it was over, or celebrate.  I am typing this from the club outside in the garden area where there is light and less noise, and I must admit it is a sorrowful evening.  For me.  At least the weather is nice.  A bit cool now but not what you people in the Midwest and the Northeast are going through.  My favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, went down to the hated New England Patriots.  Sigh.  And in the worst way possible.  Sigh again.

As I write this I am looking around.  Most of the sad people have left, some stayed.  Most of the happy people are here and well, happy.   Friggin’ loud too.  Jeez.  There will be some action at home tonight for those whose team won or who won their wagers celebrate with the intertwining of their bodies.  Even the despondent ones will perhaps, if they have a significant other, also do that which we do when we want to do what we do, lol.  Sorry. I am a bit buzzed here.  Another reason I am still here.  Don’t want to drive home in this condition.  I will be ok in an hour, don’t worry.

So as I look around I see who is with who.  I am by myself tonight, my bf out of town.  I know a bunch of the guys here, and for the most part they are great guys.  And I know some of the men here found their bfs or dates from online venues, many from the sites we have reviewed.  Others from other places like supermarkets, etc.  Nero is the loudest guy here.  He is inside at the bar and I can hear him laughing.  So loud and happy.  And get this, he is a Seahawks fan and he is still so boisterous.  Imagine had they won!  Wow!  Two guys are grinding away to the music out here in the garden area even though the music is inside.  That’s fine.  They are fun to watch.  I almost feel like breaking in or dancing with them.  But nah, I don’t want to crash their private party.

We had a lot of women here tonight and I don’t mean gay women or even bi women.  Straight women.  I like that.  I like that they feel comfortable coming here as they always do, even when it’s not a special occasion, and they add to the atmosphere.  We are all people you know.  And the more the merrier, in quantity and gender, lol.  I have to admit I have heard grumbling at times, not from many, when it is crowded or there is a long line, that this is a gay club.  For men.  But I think most, I know most, don’t agree with that.

All in all, I am happy that people are out and about and with their partners and why not?  The world is a rough place and we need to find our loves, short term or long term.  You can find some love here  – GayBearDating.com.  Or check out some other sites we review at GayBoyz.com.

~ Fishing and coming out

As I was going to write this latest blog column, I got a call from a friend who reminded me about a ‘coming out of the closet’ fishing trip I went on a few years ago.  I am not talking about my coming out, I am talking about a buddy of mine and others.  And no, it wasn’t a planned coming out party, lol.  But it turned out that way.

Here is what happened.  It was a week before Labor Day weekend and me and two other guys, Rodney and Jack all of us openly gay, decided to go fishing.  A last hurrah of the summer.  I am not some big fisher guy, or fisherman, or whatever you want to call it, can you tell, lol?  But I wanted out of town and into the woods to relax by a gorgeous lake in the mountains.  If sitting around on the shore or on a boat fishing was the price to pay, then so be it.  My two buddies like fishing, in fact Rodney had a boat.  A really nice one.  I don’t know the brand name, but he named it Rod and Seamen, lol.  And each time we were on that boat we all got wasted.  I had been on it a few times water skiing.  Not much of a water skier, or even a snow skier, and trying to do it drunk is not recommended, but that’s another story.

So these two guys that Rodney knew from his job, a William and Greg, said they wanted to come along.  Rodney was like cool.  We had rented a cabin for the long weekend and the more, the merrier.  We go to the lake in two cars, me, Rodney and Jack in Rodney’s SUV with the boat attached, and William and Greg in another.  As far as I knew they weren’t gay, and I didn’t care one way or the other.  Rodney said he thought they were but they never said anything.  When we arrived, we went shopping for stuff and I took a good look at the two guests.  I had my suspicions and mentioned it to Rodney and Jack.  Jack agreed with me.  “Should be an interesting weekend,” he said with a grin.

Because we got there in the afternoon, we decided just to chill at the shore and not go out with the boat till the next day.  Of course the beer flowed, mostly down our throats, a little down our chins and on our chests the more we knocked them down.  Then a weird thing happened.  Without saying anything, William and Greg went into the cabin.  They didn’t come out for a while.  We knew they were drunk, and we weren’t sure if they went in to throw up or lay down or what.  After about 20 minutes, they come outside and they announce together, “We’re gay!  Like you!”  All was quiet for a moment and then we all burst out laughing.  They also said they were in the cabin proving it, lol.

Then this happened.  Each guy called his parents to tell them they were gay!  They had kept it a secret, at least to their families.  Maybe to others, I didn’t know.  Before they made the calls, I told them they might want to sober up first and then rethink this strategy.  I am all for the honesty, but lucid, un-intoxicated honesty.  Nope, they wanted to tell, saying they wouldn’t have the guts otherwise.  So they did.  Rodney later told me Greg’s parents were cool with the whole thing and they suspected it anyway, but William’s parents are very un-thrilled to say the least.  Oh well.  I do wish it all works out OK.

I hope you enjoyed this tale.  If you want your own um, gay tail, so to speak, please check out GayBearDating.com.  Then go fishing.  🙂

~ Boy, was he lucky

I heard this story this morning in the break room as I got into work and went to get some coffee.  One of my co-workers, I will call him John, was telling about an encounter he had on the way to work.  John told the few of us there that it was fairly early when he was got on his way to the office, and that his area had no traffic at that time.  He was at a stop light and while waiting there, a car pulled up next to his.  It was still dark but he was able to make out some guy in the car trying to talk to him.  So he put down my window and because of some wind, he couldn’t hear him.  Then the other guy started yelling, “I need help!”  Until he did that, John was just going to move on once the light changed.  But hey, he’s a nice guy, maybe a bit naïve sometimes, and he said he thought there really was something wrong.  So he motioned to the other driver and told him to park after the light changed to green.

Wow, I don’t know that I would have done that.  The world has gone mad, and that was pretty crazy and dangerous.  Let the guy call the police or something.  He was able to drive, why not drive somewhere, or if his phone was dead, go to a gas station or something.  But nope, John didn’t just drive on.  John pulled over behind the guy on some very dark street with no one around, to talk to some stranger who could have pulled out a gun or knife or whatever and killed him.

So what did the guy want?  Directions!  That’s right, the guy just wanted directions.  Well, after John gave the guy, his name now told, Trevor, they started talking some niceties.  So what do you do?  What do you do?  Blah, blah.  John says in the middle of the chat as they leaned against his car, he could sense he was gay like John, gaydar and all.  So John tells him about his being a programmer for a site that is involved with internet dating, and the guy said he recently joined one site, GayBearDating.com.  Seems like Trevor had his gaydar antenna up and was bringing in signals too.  So John tells him that was one of the sites we checked out and reviewed.

Well, well.  What do you think happened?  They gave each other their numbers and John is so happy he stopped to talk with the guy.  Everyone else is happy for him too, but we also think he’s nuts and damn lucky.  Who knows what could have happened?

Oh and as I was at this point in this story, John came into my office to show me a picture from a text he received from Trevor.  Looks like John and Trevor have been bad boys.  John will be seeing Trevor as soon as he gets off, um bad choice of words, as soon as he leaves work.  They will be meeting at a club and then who knows.  I think I know.  John, John, what a lucky guy.  His new friend looks so cute!

Want your own Trevor?  Go to GayBearDating.com or any of the other gay dating sites on GayBoyz.com.  It’s easier and safer that what John did, don’t you think?

~ Two dates in one evening

Guest writer today.

Hello GayBoyz.com blog fans!  This is my story of a crazy night only a week back.  I needed to tell people about it and I did tell my friends and a few others, but I think having it have the opportunity to be seen by god knows how many people, maybe hundreds or many more (I would have said thousands but hell I don’t really know and don’t want to get too thrilled about it), would be pretty ****ing great.  I was told not to be too explicit.  Too bad for you!  And by the way, thank goodness for spell check, lol.  I see it is working!  Some misspelled words are even being fixed as I type them.  Cool.

OK, the date.  Or should I say dates.  For about 2 weeks , I had been talking to one guy on this one free dating site, OK, it’s GayBearDating.com, and I also started seeing another guy I met at at a supermarket.  We only had 1 date and although we had fun, we didn’t take it to the bedroom.  So anyway, I liked that guy and was hoping of course to get to the next level.  I love that phrase, get to the next level, lol.  I just want to say we didn’t ****, but I was told I shouldn’t do that.  Geez.  This guy I wanted to, you know, was friggin cute!  I can say that right?  Friggin?  I will call him Paul.  Paul was in great shape, like me, and he was funny.  That was the first thing that attracted me to him was that he was so funny.  Quick, and he made me laugh a lot.  And there were sparks.

The guy I met on the website was also great looking.  I will call him Jonah.  He was mixed race which was cool because it gave him this exotic look and I liked that.  And he was a good conversationalist.  I am 29 and he was 26, and he was in town from Michigan for a few days.  We hit it off right from the start once we went to the phone.  He liked lots of things I liked.  I also liked that he was into cars.  I am a big car guy.  Have been since I was a kid.  I love cars and all about them.

So I make a date with Jonah for last Saturday night.  We would get something to eat and then take it from there, a bar or whatever. I didn’t know if any fireworks would happen, at least not on that first date.  Our talks didn’t get to that point either.  Well, and you may be ahead of me here, as I continued to talk to that other Paul our chats got more heated, and I knew for sure that the next time we would meet, we would um, consummate the relationship.  I was all heated up and ready to go.  The problem was that Paul was going out of town Sunday morning and was busy except for Saturday night.  Hmmm, so what to do.  I already had a date with Jonah and didn’t want to mess that up.  And I didn’t want to tell either about the other. I didn’t know yet if they would be OK with anything open like that.

So I figured the best thing to do was get rid of Jonah.  When I called him to tell him with some excuse I had to break the date, before I could say it he told me he had gotten me this book I wanted that I couldn’t find on 60’s convertibles.  And he had bought it.  Oh boy.  So I had to meet him.  And I didn’t want to get rid of Paul because hell, I wanted to do it with him.  So I made a date with Jonah as early as I could and with Paul as late as I could.   I met Jonah at 6 PM, the earliest he could do and we had a nice dinner and chat and made plans to get together again when he came back to town.   And I needed to rush him away because my date with Paul was at 8:30 PM, I couldn’t get him to do it later.

I was able to finagle it but rushed from letting Jonah off at his place to the restaurant where Paul wanted to meet and eat.  I went like 90 MPH I think on the way there.  Then Paul wanted a nice big meal and I had to eat too.  He didn’t understand why I wasn’t hungry and almost forced me to eat, said I would need my strength, LOL.  So I ate again, and well, the rest I can’t say without a lot of *’s.  Let’s just say it worked out.  Thanks for reading this.

(Thanks for the contribution, dude.  Hey all, please go to GayBoyz.com to see reviews and choose a site to find someone.)