~ “Bear” with me

I love bears, no not the run wild in the wilderness kind, although they can be pretty cool if they are not attacking you and chewing off your arm.  I mean the gay kind.  I love big hairy guys.  And they love me!!  I am just a regular looking guy, not a bear for sure, and I would hate to describe myself.  But damn, do bears make me crazy.

My first date with a large, hairy guy was when I was 22.  I went to this bar when I was visiting friends in LA.  We went to this place in West Hollywood, The Abbey, and there was this huge guy, I mean friggin huge at the bar.  He was dressed to kill and I thought he was the bouncer actually.  But nope, he was one of the regulars.  Don was his name. We got to chatting and he bought me a drink.  I had soda water, hey, don’t laugh.  I am an alcoholic and I have to be very careful.  But we continued chatting and ate some chicken wings and then went out to the terrace and sat down and continued talking.  It was just so crazy crowded and loud inside.

After a bit we went back inside and danced.  It was fun.  I sweated like a pig, lol.  My friends went off on their own and I went off with Don.  He lived nearby so we walked to his place.  He had his own apartment, a condo actually.  Don was in some kind of marketing, I forget, and he was doing very well.  We chatted again and one thing led to another and before I knew it we were showering and then well, you know.

Because I was in LA for 3 more days I met Don 2 more times.  He wined and dined me and we had a great time.  And oh, I want to mention, he was also into leather.  Now he didn’t wear any of that in the bar the night I met him, and he didn’t wear any the other times we met out somewhere.  But in his place, his comfort clothes were almost all leather, lol.  I had never seen that.  But I liked it.  And he let me whip him a bit too.  🙂  so there you go.  My first bear endeavor.  And I loved it!  Hey, for finding a great gay bear, go here: GayBearDating.com.

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